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Born in Martorell on April 27, 1975. What can be said of Obdúlia’s illustrations that hasn’t been said before? Wherever they are published, generations of followers and lovers of modern aesthetics gather Her beginnings were marked by attempts to be a model, an obsession she abandoned in the face of certain physical qualities. Following a periods spent teaching origami in grade school, she takes cognizance of the great lack of lipstic and glamour among the docents. It is then that she decides to devote herself to some aesthetic field, no

matter which. She got her training from subscriptions to magazines (by surface mail) from which —as she says— she

learned everything she knows.
She learned to know her inner self thanks to the tests in Cosmopolitan. The letters to the editor of Jóvenes y bellas introduced her to the world of the discourse of feminist protest. From the Argh special issues of Cuore magazine she learned about vanguard and countercultural art, and her chromatic palette stems from the teachings of Burda and Súper Pop.
At present she is obsesses with becoming a protagonist of Bestiari il.lustrat and/or Ànima, perhaps because she never managed to appear on Silenci. Nor has she ever appeared as a guest on Arròs covat. Owing to this malaltissa fixation she is always radiant, as she draws for modern publications.
Between illustration and illustration she devotes her time to the Divinity channel and paints her toenails with one hand as she holds a gin tonic in the other.
She is thinking of going to live in Williamsburg, N.Y., the preferred residence of modern, media-savvy Catalans.