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Born in Martorell on April 27, 1975. Her artistic tendencies became evident during her early childhood when she began painting little flowers and hearts wherever she could. At first we thought she would end up as a children’s clothing designer, but soon she was following in the steps of Octavi, her favorite brother. Thanks to his teachings, she leaned toward illustration. She studied illustration at Josep Serra i Abella School in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, but was not as impeccable as her brother, much to the contrary. Her eyes full of stars,

she did not quite finish school, but she did enough to learn the ABC’s of illustration for children and young adults.

She spent a period of time in very irregular internships and apprenticeships, during which numerous periods of stylistic changes and shifts in projects followed one after another. Formal entry into the family business of Malet&Co. Bros. was necessary for her to beging to focus on finishing all the projects she had begun. She begins to do children’s, young people’s and young adult books for publishers such as Teide, Barcanova, Lynx, Cruïlla, La Galera, Randomhouse and others. She also helps us when we get commissions from the press that require a “naïf” look. Curiously, like Onofre, her first reaction is to have attacks of hysteria, insecurity, and a feeling of incapacity to carry out the task. Nevertheless, and following the ingestion of two bags of gummy bears she turns into the artist we all know. She is famous among editors for her compliance and strict adherence to deadlines, but in Malet&Co we know that this is only due to the pressure that the rest of her brothers and sisters exercise upon her disorderly work habits.