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Born in Martorell on April 27, 1975.
Self-taught, the [infographic] department of La Vanguardia requests his services on the day of Pope John Paul II’s death.
Now it can be said that that call was, in fact, the result of a wrong number.
Be that as it may, Onofre accepts the job and chalks it up to Providence. Not knowing exactly why, he accepts the challenge of representing the Vatican in a vertical [tall] from an isometric perspective, a taks which he himself was not aware he knew how to do. He uses his intuition and a pencil and watercolors because computers terrify him. According to Martorell, one day

computers will rule the world. In the aforementioned newspaper they considered the drawing to be an irreverent transgression, but, as the timing was very tight, there was no turning back and they published it, resulting in a clamorous social

From that time on, Malet&Co begins an idyllic relationship with the paper. Onofre accepts any commission they propose, no matter how outlandish it may be (and sometimes they are quite, owing to the singularity of certain members of the infographic team of La Vanguardia). The key to his graphics is that the images –generally cold and serious –appear to be warm freehand drawings. Instead of doing landscape drafts or portraits of his beloved, Onofre does a broad range of perspectives, transversals, and architectural constructions, all with the light touch offered by freehand drawing and the irregular but well-constructed line. A serious man, of few words, whenever he receives a commission he fears he will not be up to the task. On those occasions we put up with his attacks of hysteria because we know that he will soon confront the task with valor and excellence. In those periods in which he is not illustrating infographics he spends his time cleaning the studio.

What’s more, he make a damned good coffee.