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Born in Martorell on April 27, 1975. He passes through the Ca l’Oller school of design in Martorell, the Serra i Abella School of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, and the School of Fine Arts of Barcelona. As a young man he becomes a fan of rock music and teaches himself to play the drums. He always promises himself that if one day he decides to devote himself professionally to illustration he will simultaneously immerse himself academically in the world of music. Around 2004, after a few years of doing a bit of everything and nothing, he begins his career as a professional illustrator. As part

of the team of Malet&Co he has worked with publishers such as Teide, Barcanova, La Galera, Randomhouse, Cruïlla or Animallibres. In the press he has collaborated with Jot

Down, TimeOut and La Vanguardia. He has worked on record covers with artists such as Roger Mas, Llibert Fortuny (Triphasic), Final Step o Nu-b. Oriol is a key figure for the Malet brothers, as he is the art director on all their projects. He has the ability to place himself in the shoes of all his brothers, who see in him the indispensable pillar of all their work. Tria Llibres, the publisher, recognized this and recently tapped him to be their art director. Even so, the multitalented Oriol also works as an illustrator and develops what we might call personal illustration. Beyond any doubt, it is he who focuses on his projects with a style without any aesthetic clichés that might act as a limit on his creativity. He assures us that he does not take his references from graphic design but from literature and music. Oriol’s drawings derive more from the work of Boris Vian or Charles Mingus than from any visual artists. He has been studying music for five years on the drums he has played all his life. Now, in addition, in honor of his devotion to jazz, he has begun to play the trumpet.