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Born in Martorell on April 27, 1975. His first art teacher, Lluís Rodríguez, said that Ot spent a great deal more time thinking and talking than painting. Which is still true. Ever since childhood he has developed a peculiar talent. As a student, he would fill his notebooks and text books with his creations, all drawn with a ballpoint pen. For a reason related to a childhood trauma, color terrified him. Blessed with an outsized ego, he ignored his technical training until, once out of high school, he took the entrance exam to the School of Fine Arts of Barcelona. They rejected him. His ego shattered, for months he wandered the streets of Martorell like a beggar. How could Fine Arts have rejected him? His Bic ballpoint sketch of of Conan

the Barbarian had been perfect to the last stroke! They say he was finally set straight by Lluís Rodríguez, the teacher, painter and performer who took him in to his school of visual arts. It was there that he began his academic introduction to the world of visual arts and art history. Ot was so impatient he didn’t last more than a

year, time enough for his second attempt to enter the School of Fine Arts to be successful. Once admitted, things went awry. The School of Fine Arts of Barcelona is the closest thing on earth to a black hole: aspiring artists learn the art of meandering as they await the big bang that will transport them into the spheres of the art market. Despite being one of the few who actually knew how to draw, Ot wasted years on confusion, changes in style, conflicts with teachers and unfinished projects.

After this university phase—from which he only salvages two courses in music history in a department that had nothing to do with his own—he landed in the world of art galleries. He had a couple of exhibitions, to some acclaim, with small- and large-format paintings. In parallel, he got his start in the world of murals, some of which can be seen on the walls of prestigious venues in Barcelona and in the homes of nouveaux riches with dubious taste. Over the past five years, as he made his way by painting murals for the stage and for history exhibitions, he asks himself if it isn’t time to do another gallery show, one of these days.