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“El Formiguer” (Book)

by Oriol Malet

Sam has run away from his home in the country to the big smoke. He’s working at a supermarket, stacking shelves, because he is a sensible lad, and has no intention of ending up on the streets. He’s found a bedsit at 33 Georgiana Street, and his dearest wish is to be left alone; to be a stranger in a city full of people.

Bo, in the upstairs flat, is ten. She doesn’t go to school and that suits her peripatetic mother just fine. If nobody knows where they are, the next runner will be that much easier to accomplish. But Bo doesn’t like being alone, and so she sets herself to make a friend of Sam, whether he likes it or not. And he doesn’t like it at all. But you will, because it is very funny.

However, both Bo and Sam have skeletons in their closets, and old Isabel downstairs doesn’t approve of skeletons. 33 Georgiana Street might well belong to Steve, but with Isabel on the case, you can guarantee the secrets will out…

Jenny Valentine finds the pain in young lives as easily as she does the laughter. Children with failing parents often feel they themselves are responsible for that failure, and there’s a moment in The Ant Colony when poor Bo has said too much and there’s a row – I was ashamed to be the cause of all that commotion. I should just have kept my mouth shut – and it was so sad that my eyes filled with tears.

As you read Valentine’s books, you realise that in the simple and broad strokes she uses you can find the whole gamut of human emotions. Valentine herself has moved from city to country, as have I, and here she sums up what we townies love and what we miss – You learn four hundred and fifty new shades of green, but everyone’s skin is the same colour. I made a real connection with her there, and every reader she has will make similar and other connections as they read.

Jenny Valentine
Editorial Cruïlla

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  • Original title

    The Ant Colony

  • Author

    Jenny Valentine

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    Editorial Cruïlla

  • Collection

    Vaixell de vapor vermell

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    8.20 €

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    Aurora Ballester i Gassó