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Number 5. The lost submarine (Book)

by Oriol Malet

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Number 5. The lostsubmarine is a project that has developed over two years and has finally seen the light. Everything began with a creative play between Oriol Llort Malet, Louis, who was added to the Ophelia in the final phase of development. Due to the difficulty in its format – so it is not strictly a novel or a book illustration or a graphic novel, if not all the time or none of this – the editorial Barcanova has been determined to shape the project, first with a hardcover book, posters and bookmarks, and later with the hardcover version, games and much more.

This book is aimed at teenagers, but the interesting thing is that adults can afford to go very well, admits several readings, and let it be understood from a rich variety of concepts. The mixture of fiction, reality, real characters and situations, and rulings narrated historical parallel with literary quality is such that any lover of literature can be attracted.


Nuno Peixoto, a young scientist Portuguese in 2007 relates the various adventures that began in August 2001 when, following the trail of a kind invention called “liquid transmatèric” traveled to the island of Madeira. There, aided by Agrippina, a very active lady, though she was about to retire, he located a small trunk with an agenda and a cattle ribbon tape.

With the information obtained, Nuno brought to light new facts about the mysterious liquid and about a surprising secret project that was launched on the island in 1942, during the Second World War: a race between six submarines that had from round the world. The winner will also win the war. Nuno decided to follow a track again, which indicated that a submarine could hide a little treasure. During the search for lost submarine sixty years before, he met Silvana Darinka Nuno, a girl character decided that stole my heart. All kinds of real people and historical events accompany the characters in a novel fast-paced, with plenty of humor and that includes the longest list of cheeses literature.

Louis Llort explains the origin of this work in the annex “The moment of truth”;

The origin of this novel is a picture of Oriol, who sent me with the slogan: “Let’s see what inspires you?”. A submarine in the desert? The flown and fell? No, no, no … What else is there? A gentleman drinking tea quietly? And if the submarine is covered with a liquid … transmatèric? Yes! And if participating in a race? (As has the number 5, may mean that there are others.) And if the clothes of the character, the story is set in the 40’s? At the time of the Second World War, yes. What if … What if a boy antihero force, investigates what really happened on the island of Madeira …?! And so began tot.Allò that said: one thing leads to another …

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Lluís Llort and Oriol Malet interview at Rac1 radio station (08/12/2011)

Andreu Sotorra textl at Avui Newspaper(29/12/2011)

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